Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Difference Between VA Regions

Over the past few weeks, I have had appointments in different VA regions, and I have noticed a pretty big difference between different hospitals.  I live in New Hampshire, which is the only state without a full-service VA medical facility.  I had an appointment in Boston in the pain clinic, and it was amazing how different that hospital is from Manchester, NH.  The staff in Boston seemed a lot more friendly than in Manchester, and the doctor I saw actually listened to me about my knee problems when nobody in Manchester would.  I have had to call the White River Jct, VT hospital to set up appointments, and I get a hold of somebody right away without being put on hold, which has never happened in over four years at Manchester.

There are still problems with all of these regional hospitals.  I just got into my appointment in Boston after waiting since January.  I was supposed to go in mid-May, but I just happened to call them right after somebody who canceled an appointment.  I cannot get in to see my primary care physician in the White River Jct. region until mid-May, even though I tried to set it up over a week ago.  It is taking too long to get in to see a doctor anywhere I have looked, and that is a big problem to me.  As a veteran, I should be entitled to healthcare that is as good as a regular civilian, and I don't know a single civilian doctor's office that makes their patients wait three to five months to be seen.  I don't know if it is because there is a lack of doctors or if they are just being very inefficient, but things need to change.


  1. Its kind of odd when you think about it, in the military everything runs on punctuality and a certain order, but a VA hospital gives one the feeling its nothing more than a common walk-in clinic.