Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do Something Nice for Yourself This Memorial Day

Memorial Day can be a difficult day for many veterans.  Some have lost a good friend, some are constantly reminded of something bad that has happened.  For me, I'm reminded of dreams that I was never able to fulfill.  Either way I will be proud to put on my uniform and march in my local Memorial Day parade, and I urge any veteran to do the same.  One thing that I have realized over the past five years is that people are thankful for your service and it will make you feel good to know that people care about what you have been through.

After the parade, have some friends over and have a barbecue, drink a few beers and have a relaxing day.  Whatever it is you plan on doing, make sure it is all about you.  The average person does not know what it is like to go through the things we have to go through, even years after discharge.  Only a couple of days a year are set aside to honor our veterans so we have to take the opportunity when we can to do something nice for ourselves.

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