Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Veterans Disability Claims not Being Processed

Back in May, CNN had a story about the VA not processing disability claims.  They found 16,000 unopened pieces of mail at a VA facility, and 132 claims that were shredded and never opened.  This type of news saddens me and frustrates me, as I am one of thousands waiting for my disability claim to go through.  At this point I have been waiting 14 months for my claim to go through, and I cannot find anybody to talk to to find out why.  When I try to call the 800 number either the automated message tells me that my call cannot go through at this point in time, or they tell me that it will be a 15 minute wait to talk with somebody.  When I do talk with somebody, they tell me what I have been told for the past 6 months, which is that I just have to wait for the claim to go through.


Senator Ayotte's office has been no help when I try to get them to speed up the process.  Telling them about my financial struggles does not seem to help.  The last piece of information that I have heard was that they sent a letter to my Army Company to see if they can verify the abuse that they imposed upon me.  My Army Company would NEVER verify that they abused me, but the VA has told me that they have to wait for a response before they move on.  It can take a week, or it could take a year.  They legally have to get a response.  When I asked if they can move on with the rest of my claim they seemed confused by my request, and I feel that they cannot do so.

I am sure that most of you reading this have had their own struggles with the VA, and that they have either lived my experiences, or they know somebody that has.  The VA says that they want all claims to be processed and finished in 120 days, but every VA employee that I speak to says that this goal will never happen.  I am very disappointed with the treatment that we receive and it makes me with that I never served this country at all.

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  1. I have been battling the VA since 1999, every time I call they read off of the script" if we need any more information we will contact you". I resubmitted a claim from 1999 that was denied in 2010, they have all of my military medical records from 1986 and all of my personal medical, they have all records from the local hospital and Doctor's Care. The Va received my claim on 3-Nov-2010, went to the raters desk on 3-Feb, on average it takes 81 days once at the raters desk depending on the claim, I'm 81 days past the average and no one can tell me anything. I just wish there was a investigation on all the personnel at the VA that have been approved for their claims and how long did it take them.