Monday, September 12, 2011

My Story of Military Abuse Part 2

After I was given the crutches, I was not able to get back into full training and I had to stay after the graduation of my basic training company.  Three months after graduation, I had my first hip operation in Philadelphia and was sent home for a month to recover.  It was amazing how much better I felt after that surgery.  I was able to walk without assistance from a cane or crutches, and I felt confident that I would be back to training in no time.  I went through physical therapy and did not get back to the point where I could train so I started working in my battalion personnel office.

At this point, I had formed trusting relationships with the NCO's and officers in the battalion, including the Drill Sargents in my original company.  I worked hard and earned an Army Achievement Medal for making sure that the entire battalion had all of the required memos posted and earning the only 100% rating in all of Fort Benning.  I was also working hard on my physical therapy so I could get back to my training and move on, but my hip did not get to a point where I could do that, so I had a second surgery.

Before I left for Philadelphia, when I was waiting for a cab to bring me to the airport my company First Sargent and platoon Drill Sargent approached me.  It was midnight, and they looked mad so I knew that what they had to say would not be a good thing.  They told me that I better enjoy my time off because when I got back things were about to change.  The way they said it was meant to intimidate me, and it was at this point that those trusting relationships started to change.

Things did change when I got back....

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