Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Debt Deal and Veteran's Benefits

The new debt deal was signed and the government has to make billions of dollars in cuts to government spending.  Multiple sources have stated that these cuts will not affect veteran's benefits, but I am a bit skeptical.  The main reason that I am not so sure that this will not affect benefits is that the government is likely to stop hiring new positions, and we have already seen hiring freezes within the VA.  There are millions of new benefit claims each year and that number is growing.  If they cannot hire more people to compensate for all of these new claims it will make each claim take longer to approve.

I would consider having a disability claim being processed in a timely manner to be a benefit that has already been thrown out.  I have waited about 16 months and I have received many comments of people waiting over a year.  It seems that nobody wants to say that this will affect veterans because that would be an unpopular thing to say especially for anybody that wants to be voted back in, but anytime we hear about big government cutbacks we have to realize that veterans will be affected.  I would also be shocked if we can get a cost of living increase on our benefits anytime in the near future.

Let me know what you think about this debt deal and how you think it will affect your benefits by leaving a comment!

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  1. Steve, as a disabled vet myself, I am watching this very closely. As we have all seen in the past, the VA has cut many positions, and with more and more young men and women coming back from a pair of wars, the work load at the VA has gone sky high. I myself need to get re-evaluated as my condition has worsened, but I've been postponing it, as I feel these kids coming back home, need the attention and assistance more then I do. I may be shooting myself in the foot by postponing, but time will tell.
    The new budget, any new budget, is going to have an adverse affect on military benefits. A new budget almost has to. The economy the way it is, there is no avoiding it. All government programs will fell something.
    You are, though, 100% correct in having doubts in what has been said about what will and what won't get cut.