Sunday, August 14, 2011

VA PTSD Disability Ratings

Today, many veterans are applying for a disability rating because of their PTSD.  It sounds to me that many that have applied have not been granted a rating that is fair.  It almost seems that the Department of Veterans' Affairs does not realize how debilitating it can be to not be able to sleep at night or to constantly re-live the traumatic events that are causing the PTSD.  This is something that I have lived with for the past five years, and at times it has been difficult to even get out of bed or go out in public.  I have been so agrivated at times that it is hard not to snap on the person who mildly irritates me, and at times I have felt my blood boiling over something that did not really matter.

If you have applied for a disability rating for PTSD and have either been denied or granted a rating that is too low, please leave a comment (anonymously if you want).  There has been a lot of stories in the news about class action suits against the VA and about how the VA is taking PTSD more seriously but I want to see proof of this before I believe it.  The more that the information gets out about mistreatment, the better off we will be in the long run.

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  1. I have spent 3 years now with a PTSD claim-denied, appealled-sitting on a desk somewhere now. I am treated by a VA doc, on meds but still
    have no decision-have not gotten a dime.Just an absurd system.