Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How the GI Bill Helps Veterans Return to Civilian Life

This post was written by Oliver Whitham.  Thank you Oliver

One of the biggest challenges faced by military veterans is returning to civilian life. While it might not seem like a huge deal to many, some suffer from the lack of discipline, and often feeling as though there is not much point to what they are doing.

Despite the fact that most military personnel leave the Army with a great skill set (No matter whether they are infantry, logistics or something else) they rarely realize just how useful these skills are, or how to re-purpose them for the ‘real world’.

The good news is that since WW2, the military and Government have provided the GI Bill, which offers fantastic financial support for veterans once they leave military service.

Many veterans don’t really relish the thought of returning to education, but what many don’t realize is that using your GI bill benefits can be the ideal time to take your military skill set, and help build upon it with higher education to improve your ability to enter the civilian workforce. 

While academic choices are the most obvious for higher learning options, Veterans can also use their benefits to pursue more physical qualifications such as engineering or mechanics.

The key thing for all Veterans is to take stock of the skills and knowledge you learned in the military, figure out what you want to do, and then figure out which higher education course can help fill in the blanks.

While re-purposing is a great way to go, it is not right for everyone.  Many veterans want a change of pace more than anything else.  Your VA GI Bill education benefits are also incredibly useful here. After all, what better way to change the direction of your life than taking a few years out, learning some new skills and then returning with a fresh outlook on life?

No matter how you decide to use your GI Bill benefits, one thing is for sure, with the backing of your country, US veterans can live the life they deserve.

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